The bridge crane suits better for handling heavy loads on a large working area. The bridge crane from EKVCRANES is the “turnkey” solution from design to installation.

There are different types of bridge cranes in the product range of the EKVCRANES:

  • Overhead bridge crane, single-girder
  • Overhead bridge crane, double-girder
  • Underrunning bridge crane


TypeLifting capacityBridge span
Overhead bridge crane, single-girderUp to 20 tUp to 26 m
Overhead bridge crane, double-girderUp to 100 tUp to 36 m
Underrunning bridge craneUp to 8 tUp to 18 m


  • Overload protection
  • Operation time counter
  • Anti-collision sensors
  • Frequency converters – make the movements smooth, do not wear out the brakes
  • Radio remote control system
  • Special environment protection
  • Crane bridges equipped with two hoists (two lifting hooks)
  • Weighing scales
  • Special solutions

Different connection types for bridge and end-carriages, as well as raised hoist trolley between double-girder bridges to reach the best lifting height in limited conditions.



EKVCRANES produced gantry cranes can be good solution in the places, where one or both of the crane tracks must be installed on the floor. Also, the semi gantry crane is an ideal product to solve lifting problems under a larger bridge crane.

EKVCRANES gantry cranes can be equipped with either manual or electric hoist. The wheels are equipped with brakes and safety buffers or sensors that can stop the crane before the obstacle, ensuring its safe operation.

Special parameters on request
Lifting capacityUp to 20 t
Bridge spanUp to 30 m
Crane traveling speedUp to 40 m/min
Hoist travelingUp to 32 m/min
Lifting heightAccording to requirement


Light aluminium gantry cranes are suitable for easy installation and later unassembling directly on site.
In assortiment there are single and double girder gantry cranes, with lifting capacity upto 3000 kg.
Cranes are possible to produce stationary and on the wheels, which allows lift and alsomove the load.

Eriparameetrid vastavalt kliendi vajadustele
Lifting capacityUp to 3 t
Bridge spanUp to 8 m
Crane movingManual, option
Hoist movingManual
Lifting heightUp to 4 m