A jib crane is suitable for solving local lifting problems. The working radius of the crane is according to the jib arm length.

Jib cranes can be installed into the new or existing production, if there is a need for additional lifting equipment at the workplace.

There are two types of jib cranes, column mounted and wall mounted, which in turn are divided into:

  • I-beam Jib Crane With Bottom Support
  • Light Profile Jib Crane With Top Support

The I-beam type jib crane can be equipped with a manual or electric trolley hoist. The I-beam has no need for an upper diagonal support, which ensures a higher lifting height.

The light profile has a manual trolley, but the weight of the arm is smaller, and it is easier to rotate.


Wall mounted jib crane is a flexible solution for a workplace that is close to the wall or other vertical building element. A wall mounted crane installation must be approved by the building designer or by the project.

Set of bolts (bolt cage) can be delivered together with the jib crane.


Suitable for situations, when it is not possible to assembly wall-mounted crane. The crane is selected by desired lifting capacity, lifting height and the possibility of fixing to the floor or foundation.