EKVCRANES also mediates many lifting and handling equipment that complement its production. Product dealership also include vacuum lifters and lifting mechanisms.

Vakuumheber VacuPowerlift mit pneumatischer Schwenkvorrichtung

Vakuumheber: Handhabung von Papier-Säcken mit VacuPowerLift


A vacuum lifter is a smart solution for handling materials. The vacuum lifter is easy to use, because lifting tools such as jib or light crane are not needed for lifting, as it is done by vacuum. The lifting speed goes up to 70 m/min.

The modular design of the vacuum lifter enables a wide variety of solutions. For example, a vacuum lifter can be used to move the cardboard box onto the conveyor, raise the metal and stone tiles, machinery and furniture items.

Vacuum lifters are ergonomic. They reduce the workload of employees and improve their performance and motivation.

Vacuum lifter


Vacuum clamps are suitable for lifting almost all dense objects.

The modular design of the vacuum clamps allows them to be adapted as much as possible to the customer’s needs.

Our range of services offer annual crane inspections and full maintenance.

Vacuum allows lifting of the following products:

  • Glass
  • Wooden, MDF, OSB boards from vertical warehouse or shelves
  • Monitors
  • Long wooden beams
  • Boxes
  • Stones
  • Wall blocks and plasterboard
  • Steel tape rolls
  • Paper rolls
  • Barrels
Vacuum clamp