The light crane is the perfect modular crane system for handling light-weight loads in the workplace. Thanks to the wide range of PROSYSTEM® profiles, it is possible to cover work areas up to 8 m in width and the required length of runway. The PROSYSTEM® single-girder bridge crane is the most ergonomic solution thanks to its three-dimensional design and light weight.

Possible options for PROSYSTEM® light cranes:

  • Single-girder bridge cranes
  • Double-girder bridge cranes
  • Raised girder bridge crane for achieving the best lifting height
Lifting capacityBridge length up to
Steel profile
Bridge length up to,
Aluminum profile
<500 kg8 m6 m
<2000 kg6 m-

PROSYSTEM® Light Crane Suspension Types

PROSYSTEM® single or double-girder bridge cranes can be attached to the ceiling construction using standard suspension structures, if the construction of the building can handle the forces of the corresponding crane.

Freestanding Support Frames

If there is no possibility to attach to the building, we also offer a support structure together with a light crane. The installation of the construction post depends on the lifting capacity of the selected crane and the type of profile.